When you have ever visit The Nederlands, you will recognize the style of the buildings and the bridges, churches, farmhouses, mills and cityviews. for Digital Photography/ voor Digitale Fotografie

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6 thoughts on “Buildings

  1. Heheh, fellow WA member here for a blogwalking.

    As a cartoonist aka manga-ka, I found that all these pictures are so amazing. Great view, great perspective and the most important of all, all these pictures can even tell lots of story if they can talk. Like… every single pictures have their own stories.

    I love it so much and I adore all these pictures. Now if you don’t mind, I ask for your permission to use these pictures as my references and I will give credit to your website and you in return.


    p/s : Do find me in WA hehehe~

    1. Hello Shareen, I will answer your question here, when you read the first blog of me here, you will see you can use these pictures for free. For all resources I supply, you need to use your common sense about what is allowed to use and what isn’t totally free. I wish you success with finding the correct pictures for your website, Loes

  2. There are some wonderful photos on this site. I will definitely be coming back here often to use some of them. I appreciate you making them available for everyone to see.

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