Copyright Free Images and Pictures

Where to find copyright free images and pictures

When you surf the internet on the search term copyright free images and pictures, you get about  374.000.000 results (0,55 seconds)

But how free are those websites? I have tried quite a few to find out that a lot of them does not give what they promise.

  • Some are giving a few pictures for free.
  • Others you have a trial period, and after the trial, you have upgrade if you want to access their database.
  • There are sites who send you a few pictures for free by email.
  • Or you have to open an account
  • have to put on source and artist in your blog.

This website is totally free!

My Copyright Free Images and Pictures are really free

You can download them and use them on your blog and on your website, as header or background.

You do not need to:

  • create an account
  • bring your credit card
  • leave your email address
  • give a source on your blog
  • put my name under it

You need a mouse, a right click, and save picture as….

There are coming a lot more pictures on this site, so bookmark this site and come back once in a while.

There is one thing I want to add, you can’t use the pictures and images for marketing purposes. You are forbidden to sell these pictures on your own site or frame them to sell them in a shop.

I wish that you find your perfect picture here, and when you do, it would be nice you leave a comment, with the website address where the picture is used.

Before you go, I want to wish you prosperity and success with your blogs and website.

Thanks for dropping by again,

LoesYour hobby on a website for Digital Photography/ voor Digitale Fotografie

My thanks and gratefulness is going to all the people who have made a contribution to this website, some in writing, some in sending copyright pictures to us. I wish you all happiness and prosperity, Kind Regards, Loes

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